Blusher with Swarovski crystals – Crystal Garden by Artdeco

artdeco.jpgTo this day, there was probably no such beautifully made cosmetic as this one. We are talking about blusher by Artdeco, Crystal Garden. Let’s see what’s so original about this product. Perhaps, this blusher will turn out to be the perfect Christmas present.

Crystal Garden by Artdeco has black compact packaging locked with magnet. Inside is round mirror, but sadly no applicator. What is more, cosmetic is decorated with pattern presenting camellia in few shades of pink. On the lid, however, is the same flower, but made with small Swarovski crystals.

Crystal Garden by Artdeco is available in a dusky pink shade. This colour will match perfectly every skin colour, underline cheek bones and optically make face slimmer. Moreover, this cosmetic can be used instead of eye shadow. It will provide your skin with healthy-looking glow an radiant appearance. If you suffer from spider veins and your face is covered with red or pink spots, then before applying Crystal Garden, cover all imperfections with concealer in green colour. It will camouflage discolourations and ensure you with the ideal look; your make-up is going to be perfect. What is more, blusher by Artdeco has pleasing floral scent.

Crystal garden lasts long on skin, does not rub off or flake. It contains minerals that take care of skin, absorb excess sebum providing nice colour and nourishment. However, in Crystal Garden blusher are no parabens, lanoline or mineral oil. For this reason it is recommended to people with sensitive and delicate face skin. How to use this product? With a wide brush with soft bristle mix colours, then gently skim cheeks with it. You can also use each shade individually.

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