Body wrapping – the beauty treatment you need

Slimming treatment does not necessarily needs to be time consuming or expensive. You can perform such treatments at your own home. Obviously, not all of them, but a significant part. Today we will talk about body wrapping – method for at home slimming treatment.body-wrapping.jpg

Body wrapping is a treatment frequently performed at SPA salons. It can be also executed at the home SPA, because it does not require additional equipment. Only your willingness.

What is body wrapping?

Body wrapping is a method where chosen body parts, or the entire body, are treated with balm, mask or serum. The particular attention should be focused on legs, waist, stomach – parts that you want to make slimmer and more firm. Next the entire body part is wrapped several times with kitchen foil. Why?

Such method for protection of active ingredients makes them really fast penetrate deep skin layers. The treatment opens pores what helps with absorption of nourishing substances. This way the anti-cellulite lotion used for body wrapping will work better than when applied in traditional manner.

What are the benefits of body wrapping?

It is best to perform slimming treatment with kitchen foil twice a week for a month. This is the minimal time required for obtaining the looked-for results of body wrapping. What are the effects?

Correctly performed body wrapping with right products matching our needs is a complex treatment. It can model the body, make skin elastic, deeply nourish and oxygenate it. It is most frequently executed when dealing with cellulite or excess body fat. It boosts metabolism and has beneficial impact on the skin areas dealing with stretches, e.g. after pregnancy.

Body wrapping at home

What’s the most curious about this method, is that it can be performed by anyone. Foil wrapped around the body parts is an average kitchen foil available in most supermarkets. You just have to learn to wrap it in a way that it will be tight, but does not impede the blood circulation.

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