Check Out TOP 3 Best Heat Protection Sprays for Hair

Beautiful hair equals nourished hair, that’s obvious. Sadly, strands won’t stay this way long unless you provide them with strong heat protection. Why? Because one of the worst enemies of your hair is the high temperature given off by styling tools that you use often, sometimes even every day.

How can you keep your hair safe while you use a blowdryer and curling tongs every morning? Luckily, shielding hair against the heat isn’t troublesome. Everything you need to fight off the heat damage is hidden, and therefore can be found in a top-quality heat protection spray. Below you will find three best products of this kind so you can choose the one you like better.

TOP 3 Best Heat Protection Sprays for Hair

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray
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Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

This one is a top choice of regular users and professional hair stylists. They like Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray for being an oil-free, lightweight mist that doesn’t deprive hair of volume while protecting it from the extremely high temps (440F/220C). The same protective barrier shields hair against dry air that is typical of air-conditioned rooms. It can be applied to dry and wet strands, and is suitable for all types of hair no matter its texture. Additionally, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray’s formula is enriched with nutrients that make hair look visibly better. What are they?

  • Silk proteins: thanks to their ability to attract and hold water, this ingredient is responsible for combating brittleness; fight off dryness; smooth out hair scales for shinier and stronger hair
  • Vitamin E: an antioxidant that increases hair’s resistance to damage; moisturizes brittle hair

Balmain Thermal Protection Spray

This product’s formula is a little bit heavier due to the two plant oils it contains. Even though some may find it too heavy, Balmain Thermal Protection Spray shouldn’t deprive hair of volume when used carefully. The protective and conditioning effects are highly satisfying – this product does a great job. The users like it for leaving their hair glossy and moisturized. Although its heat protection is strong (440F/220C), the price per bottle is pretty high. But if you’re looking for a vegan-friendly hair care product that has zero parabens and zero sulfurs, Balmain Thermal Protection Spray may be your go to. What is it made from?

  • hydrolyzed plant-based proteins: nourish, condition, moisturize and protect the hair; create an elastic protective coating on the hair; prevent frizz; promote shine
  • argan kernel oil: takes care of all hair types, no matter if dry, normal or damaged; increases hair’s resilience; moisturizes brittle hair
  • hydrogenated castor oil: a moisturizer that helps control flyaways; promotes smoothness and shine

Kerastase Genesis Défense Thermique

Available in a smaller size than the previous products, Kerastase Genesis Défense Thermique offers a really strong heat damage protection for all hair types: normal, weak and brittle. This non-greasy protectant seems to be liked by those who like luxurious cosmetics. When applied, it spreads evenly on the hair so you can move on to styling right away. You can use it on dry or damp hair. Owing to the pretty uncommon ingredients, Kerastase Genesis Défense Thermique is able to make hair nourished, frizz-free and resistant to damage caused by high temperatures. What are the very nutrients?

  • edelweiss native cells – this plant is able to survive even in extreme conditions, and these unique properties are transferred to the hair, helping it combat high temps; nourishes the hair, reverses damage
  • ginger root extract – makes hair stronger and prevents damage; minimizes the risk of breakage and splitting