Chipped nail polish. How to free yourself from this problem?

You spend hours surrounded by the manicure accessories and nail polish bottles to have smooth and beautiful nails with perfect finish. The worst thing that can happen right now is a chip, which can destroy the entire effect. What can you do, so that your nail polish was more durable and manicure more long lasting?


Many nail salons use special quick dry products for long lasting manicure. These can be in spray or top coat form to extend the durability of applied nail polish and the patterns. How can you take care of you fingernails at home?

There are five effective ways to ensure yourself with long lasting manicure. If you like to do your nails on your own, and hybrid or titan manicure are not your favourites, you need to meet proven methods to preserve manicure by yourself.

Just apply to few simple rules and remember them while painting your nails, so that you would be able to enjoy the perfect manicure even more than a week.

5 ways to preserve your manicure

  1. The way nail polishes are stored matters. Right temperature extends the formula durability, making it less prone to chipping. This is why nail polish should be kept in some place cold. The perfect for it is a box in the fridge corner.
  2. You should drop the habit where you shake bottle prior to its use. Its usually done automatically, so that the lacquer has consistent texture. Unfortunately, you should never shake the bottle, because then unwanted air is produced, and it decreases products durability.
  3. It is essential to use a nail polish base, which you usually forget. Not only it makes easier to remover nail polish, which will not leave any discolourations on the nail plate, but also application of two base layers will preserve manicure from chipping.
  4. Perfect finish happens to be tiresome, especially when one brush stroke leaves only uneven layer. It is much better to apply three thinner layers than one but thick. This way product will dry much faster and will be more long lasting, while nails gain smooth cover.
  5. Significant impact on how long lasting nail polish will be is whether it dried properly. You do not need any special products to quick dry them. Just dip your fresh manicure in the cold water to speed up the drying process.

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