Fine lines. Do you have them?

They appear around your eyes and lips, on your forehead. You might already have them on your face and neck. What is it? We are talking about fine lines. Read the articles and you will learns how and why they appear and what are their

Fine lines – when and why?

When the level o collagen and elastine in your skin decreases, you face covers with fine lines. Lack of appropriate hydration, vitamins and other nutrients also results in worsening of the condition of your skin. More damaging effects are caused by cigarettes, alcohol, stress, sun radiation and other external factors. Additionally, dy and sensitive skin i more more vulnerable to the appearance of fine lines, while oily and combination skin does not age that fast. Do you know that wrinkles start appearing around 25 years of age? This is the time when we might say that the skin is mature. Moreover, around your eyes you can see the so-called crow’s feet, a lion’s wrinkle between the eyebrows, you might as well notice that the naso – labial creases enlarge.

What types of fine lines can you distinguish?

First of all, we can divide wrinkles accordingly to the reason and the speed of their appearance. We can distinguish the following types: dynamic expression lines, gravitational folds, permanent elastic creases. The first type is the consequence of facial muscle movement. If you often laugh or express any other emotions, wrinkles will appear very quickly and soon become deep and clearly visible. Gravitational folds are the result of gravity and the decrease in the level of elastine an collagen in your skin. Such folds are mostly visible abound your eyes, lips, on your cheeks and neck. Permanent elastic creases are associated with long sun exposure, lack of sunscreen. They usually appear around your eyes, on your forehead on the neck and cheeks.

How to take care of mature skin?

The most important step in the care of mature skin is hydrating. Remember to drink at least one litre of still water every day. Use facial creams with the content of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, urea, cosmetic oils and other substances that increase the level of collagen and improve skin firmness. Additionally, Regular massages done at home or treatments done by a professional will definitely improve the condition and appearance of your skin. What is more, remember about frequent exfoliating and brightening. Therefore, your skin will become smooth and radiant.

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