Hair care with hair serum. How to use this product?

Statistics show that we do not know much about this product for hair care. We know that shampoo is dedicated for cleanse, but that is about it when it comes to our knowledge. Studies indicate that we usually buy nourishing cosmetics blindly, though this tendency is diminishing and year after year it is getting better.

And do you know what hair serum is used for? What is the difference between hair conditioner and hair serum? When should you use hair serum? How to use it? Test your knowledge.

What is hair serum?

There is no specific definition of serum (for hair, but not only). It is understood that this cosmetic is much stronger than hair conditioner, is much more concentrated, with larger amount of active substances. Usually hair serum has also lighter formula than other cosmetics, though there are exception to the principle.

When should you use hair serum?

On the account of this product always arises a dilemma of age suitable for use of concentrated conditioning cosmetics. There is no set bound as to when you can start using hair serum. However, it is assumed that such nourishing bomb comes handy after 15 years old. It is a myth that hair serum is good only for elderly people. Young hair also need some support. What is more, you do not need to have problematic hair to use hair serum. It is because this cosmetic is not only effective product for a given problem, but also works as a complementation of standard hair care.

How should you use hair serum?

Hair care with use of hair serum is not difficult, contrary to opinions on the Internet. You may even say that it is less difficult in use than hair conditioners. Hair serum should be used in small amount, few drops of concentrated product is enough to obtain looked-for effects. You do not need to rinse it and can be applied both on dry and wet hair. On top of that, serum does not need to be administer on the entire hair length, because it can be used also for local application, e.g. hair ends or scalp.

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