Heat Protection for Hair? Only with Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

Heat Protectant Spray nanoil

Are you wondering how you can protect your lovely hair from heat damage? Try Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray – a new offering that will change your approach to hair care. With this product, you will be able to straighten, curl and heat style your strands without compromising their condition!

Sooner or later, everyone realizes how dangerous heat styling really is. Without adequate protection, strands become dry and frazzled. When used too often, hot-styling tools also cause hair ends to split. Brittle and dull strands are the unpleasant consequences of using high temperatures. After thinking about this, it appears that the list of side effects caused by heat styling is awfully long.

High temperatures vs. hair

Before reaching for a blowdryer, flat iron or curling tongs, first you need to understand one important issue: the high temperature is not good for your hair. Without a protective coating, strands are quick to lose moisture, thus become brittle and severely damaged. How’s that?

During styling the high temperature:

  • kicks moisture off the hair, leading to dryness and splitting
  • tears apart the keratin bonds inside the hair, causing brittleness

Fortunately, you can avoid this!

Foolproof ways to protect the hair from heat

Giving up the hot-styling tools completely seems to be the most rational way to reduce the ravages of heat styling. Letting the hair air dry after washing, minimizing the use of a flat iron, and making use of rollers sound like a perfect solution for those who don’t want to deprive their hair of moisture. Sadly, introducing such changes into daily ritual may not be always possible for everyone. What’s the option then? No worries! You can still create fabulous blowouts and enjoy sleek styles, inflicting no harm to your strands whatsoever. You just need to introduce a heat protectant to your daily regimen. This cosmetic is designed to significantly reduce the negative effect that high temperatures have on your hair.

Nanoil thermal protection for hair

This heat protection spray is Nanoil’s latest offering, created for those whose hair isn’t easy to manage, and thus needs to be styled with a blowdryer, straightener or curling tongs. In this case, isolating the locks against the heat using Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray is a wise thing to do.

This product can be described as a lightweight hair mist composed of simple ingredients. Having zero alcohol, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray doesn’t cause dryness, which is a huge plus that needs to be emphasized. Panthenol and silk proteins that the formula contains are in charge of protecting the hair and promoting better-looking appearance. This is a truly unique recipe that helps you take heat styling to the whole new level.

How does it work?

Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray:

  • provides protection from temperatures reaching up to 440 degrees F / 220 degrees C,
  • works as a sun filter for hair,
  • prevents moisture from escaping the hair,
  • controls frizz and static,
  • minimizes the damage inside the hair,
  • promotes healthy glow and softness.

The heat protection spray from Nanoil works in a simple way. The mist embraces the hair, creating a weightless and imperceptible protective coating. In this way high temperatures pose no harm to the strands. This is how you effectively reduce the risk of heat damage caused by hot styling. As a result, hair remains healthier, stronger and lustrous.

That’s right, you can heat style your hair safely, provided that you use Nanoil thermal protection spray.

Heat Protectant Spray nanoil

Application of Nanoil heat protection spray

Indeed, it all sounds great but many people think that creating the protective shield around the hair is time-consuming. Nanoil proves that it is quite the opposite. As mentioned above, Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray is lightweight, closed in a spray bottle, which makes application significantly easier. To build heat resistance, apply a few sprays to the hair before blowdrying, straightening or curling. Ready!

Would you like to learn more about heat protection?

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