Home SPA – how to prepare a healing bath?

skin-care.jpgSPA (sanus per aquam – health through water) is not only beauty treatments offered by professional salons. You can do healing treatments at home. You just need to soak yourself in a tub filled with warm water and essential oils or herb, fruit and flower extracts. How to prepare a healing bath?

Before bath…

Atmosphere is the most important. Scented candles, relaxing music, a glass of wine or a book will make it even nicer. Add a few drops of essential oils to water – they relax your muscles, condition the skin and prepare the body for sleep. Try out flower or fruit oils: lavender, vanilla, Ylang-Ylang. Also salt or bubble bath are excellent in skin cleansing. Remember to do an exfoliating scrub of face and body before the bath. In this way, you will remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin pores as well as enhance the absorption of nutrients included in balms and creams. Apply a face mask during the bath. Warm water will open the pores and active substances will penetrate inside deeper portions of the skin more quickly. Taking a bath is a great time to take care of your hair. Apply a mask or cosmetic oil to hair and scalp. Thanks to high temperature, hair cuticles will raise so nutritional ingredients will be absorbed more quickly.

How to prepare the bath?

It depends on your mood, condition of your skin and the time that yow want to devote to the home SPA. Choose fruity and herbal products that will help your skin to restore shine, relax tired body or warm up frozen hands and legs. In order to prepare a strengthening bath, you need: lime flower extract, ginkgo extract, menthol extract and decoction of thyme, dried marigold and plantain flowers. If you want to prepare a relaxing bath, you must pour orange oil, lavender oil as well as dried acacia, melissa and lavender flowers infusion into warm water. To prepare a warming bath, use: eucalyptus, thyme and conifer needles essential oils, and clove, cinnamon rind and orange peel infusion.

After the bath…

Your skin may be a bit dry and wrinkled after the bath. That’s why apply a moisturising balm to your body and a cream or serum to your face skin right after leaving the tub. Cosmetic oils will work great as well. Go for products which remove cellulite or stretch marks. A massage will improve blood supply of the skin, firm up and smooth it and make you feel relaxed. After the bath… time for sleep.

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