Listening Out for the Signals Your Skin Sends. How To Interpret Them?

Our skin is like a warning sign board of our body. Undoubtedly, skin has developed its own way of communicating with us, giving us some hints on what it currently needs. But how to interpret these signals to know exactly what the skin is telling us? How to decode them? What should you pay special attention to? You can read about it here.

Dry, tight, itchy, reddened and flaking – skin concerns are numerous, each one having its own cause. Learning the possible causes of skin ailments is a key to understand what your skin wants to tell you. If you still don’t know how to interpret signals sent by skin, read on. We’re about to go through the most common skin concerns and explain what may cause them.


1 | If your skin feels tight and is dry, it’s likely that:

  • the inner and outer skin layers lack water.
  • the diet you’re following isn’t well-balanced.
  • treatments you expose your skin to aren’t destined for you.
  • you use wrong skincare products, e.g. alcohol-based.
  • you’re currently suffering from higher stress than normally.
  • you should cut down on cigarettes.
  • you suffer from an allergy or other hormone-related conditions.

2 | If your skin itches after showering, it’s likely that:

  • you use harsh cleansers.
  • the products you use are formulated with too many aggressive washing agents.
  • you bath in chlorinated, hard water.
  • the bath/shower you normally take is too hot, thus it contributes to dryness.
  • the accessories you use (sponges, pumice) irritate your skin.
  • you’re allergic to some of the ingredient/s used in your body wash.

3 | If your skin is reddened, it’s likely that:

  • the cosmetics you use irritate it.
  • you haven’t applied a sunscreen and spent long hours exposed to the Sun.
  • you’re allergic to a cosmetic ingredient, food product, plant.
  • chronic stress that you’re under has caused skin irritation.
  • you drink too much alcohol and developed bad eating habits.
  • your skin is damaged mechanically and irritated.
  • your skin starts developing rosacea.
  • your capillaries aren’t located deeply enough.

4 | If your skin flakes, it’s likely that:

  • oily glands are disturbed, thus they produce too little sebum.
  • skin isn’t just dry but extremely dehydrated.
  • it’s your body reaction to your bad eating habits and lack of hydration.
  • you may suffer from sugar diabetes or gout.
  • your skin is affected by a condition, e.g. psoriasis.


Take care of it! Exposing your skin to the right treatments is fundamental for it to remain healthy and good-looking. Try to limit every factor that may contribute to redness, irritation or dryness. One of the best skincare tips to give is keeping your body hydrated from the inside (drinking 2 liters of mineral water a day) and outside (e.g. moisturizer). All skin types need hydration, and that’s a fact.

In case home remedies fail you, visit a dermatologist. The specialist will tell you what elements of your skin ritual should be changed or modified, and prescribe you the right cosmetics.

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