Safe and Easy Hair Colouring With ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips

highlighting foam strips

Safe and Easy Hair Colouring With ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips
Malta-based producer of unique hairdressing accessories, ColorCuts, has just launched Highlighting Foam Strips for colouring and highlighting hair. The strips are effective and easy to use and work well in any salon, streamlining the workflow of the entire team. The modern material enables creating spectacular colouring with any technique.

The ColorCuts brand takes care of the environment. The material is 80% recycled, which can significantly upgrade the standards of your salon. Highlighting Foam Strips combine technology with sustainability which can attract many new customers.

Foam strips provide a practical solution to replace the harmful aluminium foil. The soft, polystyrene material adapts perfectly to your hand during hair dye application ensuring faster and more comfortable work which delivers perfect colouring.

What makes ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips special?

Hair colouring is the most popular hair treatment. It lets you completely change your image and feel confident, stunning and unique. Highlighting Foam Strips ensure you can perform whatever your client dreams of. Swap the impractical aluminium foil for specialised accessories for colouring and highlighting hair, streamlining the work of your whole staff.

The lightweight, thermal material makes the foam strips easy to use and suitable for all colouring techniques. The gentle coating optimises the temperature of the hair and allows 100% control over colouring process with no risk of damage. The strips are glue-free but get a strong grip in contact with moisture from the colouring products. They cling to the hair and don’t slip off during the colouring procedure.

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips are reusable and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. The box contains 200 strips, enough for 800 uses! No more rustling aluminium foil that burns your hair. The unique ColorCuts thermal strips guarantee safe colouring.

The pre-cut strips come in a handy box that makes it easy and quick to take out each strip. The unusual durability and grip help achieve precise and even results along the entire length of the hair. The polystyrene foam strips prevent the colouring products from running off the hair and hold the colour in, intensifying the colouring effects.

Precise application of the colouring products from roots to ends ensures the best results. The strips remain cool to the touch for maximum comfort. During removal, they don’t pull on the hair, preventing mechanical damage.

highlighting foam strips

ColorCuts Highlighting Foam Strips:

  • 200 colourful and pre-cut strips,
  • semi-transparent coating for complete control,
  • colouring time cut by up to half,
  • optimimal hair temperature during colouring process,
  • reusable and biodegradable gadget,
  • no risk of damage, breakage or irritation,
  • high work aesthetics and hygiene,
  • ease of use,
  • innovation, aesthetics and comfort.

Trust the perfect Highlighting Foam Strips for multi-tonal colouring and upgrade the prestige of your hair salon! Learn more about the product: