If you were asked to name a product that had conquered the cosmetic market in recent years, the first place on the podium would definitely belong to an eyelash growth serum.

It beats sales records, it is constantly and invariably the most frequently discussed topic by many women, and it is always mentioned in chitchats about cosmetic novelties. It has become a phenomenal, absolute top-rated hit all over the world, regardless of latitude and longitude. This indicates how badly women want to have long and beautiful lashes. Many of them have struggled with short, bright, thin or extremely stiff lashes for many years…suddenly a product that not only beautifies but also regenerates, nurtures and protects eyelashes appears on the market.

Finding the best eyelash growth serum is not easy because the cosmetic market is literally flooded with a huge variety of such products. The following review describes the world’s most popular eyelash growth serums and makes choosing the best one a bit easier.



Nanolash Eyelash Growth Serum is a product that ensures the fastest effects in the shortest period of time. It delights with high quality. The brush is precise; its bristles have ideal thickness and density, they get the right amount of the cosmetic, which is quickly absorbed into the skin of the eyelid. Then, it penetrates the bulbs, where it regenerates and strengthens them, contributing to the rapid growth of the lashes… Read More »

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Lilash is an eyelash growth serum that comes in metal, silver bottle with a large black dispenser. It is protected by a black (until recently purple) cardboard box. Inside the box, you will find a leaflet describing how to use the cosmetic and a list of possible contraindications. The brush is of good quality, has soft, thin and flexible fibres that make the application much easier… Read More »

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Revitalash is an eyelash growth serum that delivers good results in quite a short period of time. It is available in three capacities, but it is recommended to buy a bottle of the highest capacity right away. 1 ml of the cosmetic is certainly not enough to complete the treatment. Regular application and persistence will result in eyelashes lengthened up to 2 mm… Read More »

Shop: http://revitalash.com Volume: 2ml Price: 98$ Delivery: 25$




Rapidlash Eyelash Growth Serum is a product packed in a relatively large silver bottle in a metallic shade. The bottle holds well in hand, it does not slip and is very lightweight. It contains 3 ml of the serum, which is enough for a few months of use. After the treatment, you can expect strengthened eyelashes and improvement in their condition and appearance… Read More »

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Quickmax Eyelash Growth Serum is an excellent product for regenerating and strengthening eyelashes. It will be especially liked by women whose eyelashes are weakened, for example, after wearing eyelash extensions, or after frequent use of false eyelashes (the glue is very harmful to eyelashes)… Read More »

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Dabalash is an eyelash growth serum which has the most youthful and vivid look (it is wrapped in a pink cardboard box) despite the fact that the manufacturer also recommends it to men. The bottle is in slightly milder shades: it is typical matte silver metal… Read More »

Shop: http://dabalash.org Volume: 5ml Price: 123$ Delivery: 8$




Lash Boost is a nourishing eyelash growth serum. It comes in a very neat and aesthetic packaging. The bottle is cylindrical, matte, silver; made of soft and slightly flexible metal. After several months, it can gain delicate scratches on the surface… Read More »

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Applying An Eyelash Growth Serum – A Short GuidebookWhen using an eyelash growth serum, one of the most important things is the proper application. Therefore, each cosmetic comes with a leaflet with detailed directions. Unfortunately, some are very laconic and do not convey enough information. To learn more about the eyelash growth serum and how to apply it, read the following guide.

1. Always make sure how often you should apply it.Once a day is usually a standard dose. However, you might encounter cosmetics that require two applications per day (in the morning and evening). Be aware of the fact that not following the instructions from the leaflet might result in effects that are far from desired.

2. Always apply it at the same time of the day (or night).

It is recommended to apply such cosmetic at one time each day – after a while, it will become a no-trouble habit. It is best applied in the evening – you are not going anywhere, and there is plenty of time for the serum to be absorbed and work throughout the night during your sleep.

3. Always apply the eyelash growth serum onto cleansed and dry skin.

Eyelids should be free of make-up, clean and dry so that nothing interferes with work of the serum. Thus the product can penetrate both lashes and the bulbs. Also, any remnants of cosmetics may come in contact with the serum and cause allergies or irritation.

4. Never exceed the stated dose.

Do not apply the cosmetic more often than it is necessary. It will not speed up the effects but only make the product last shorter. Once a day – unless the producer indicates differently – is enough.

5. Use it regularly.

Regularity is the key to success. If you want to enjoy beautiful and long lashes, be consistent and persistent. Single skip will not interfere with the effects, just make sure to apply it the next day as usually.

How To Easily Damage Your Eyelashes? An Anti-Guidance.

Fragile hair around the eyes is very sensitive to inappropriate treatment. Women tend to expect a lot from their eyelashes: they have to be always impeccably curled, long, thick and dense, and also, define the eye and enhance the entire make-up.

Sadly, the idea of nourishing eyelashes comes to our minds when their condition becomes really serious. At that time, even the best and most expensive mascara is helpless: eyelashes do not want to cooperate and instead of enchanting – they crumble and fall out. We often do not realize how many things can weaken such delicate hair around the eyes. To protect the eyelashes from further damage – it is crucial to be aware of what contributes to the destruction and weakening of the condition of the eyelashes. The following guide is a “black list of care”, the main sins that we commit to our eyelashes.

1. Lashes lack proper nourishment.

Our lashes are exposed to brutal treatment every day. We coat them with a heavy layer of mascara and rub while removing make-up. Additionally, stress, inappropriate diet, adverse weather conditions also have negative effects on their condition. Unfortunately, they are not able to regenerate themselves. Therefore, it is worth providing them with a proper dose of nutrients. In return, they will become fuller, stronger and more beautiful.

2. Eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions look nice…but only for a certain period of time. There comes a moment when it is necessary to take them off. Then, it is clearly visible how damaged and weakened our natural lashes are. The only remedy in such circumstances is a top-rated eyelash growth serum. Also, you must remember that wearing eyelash extensions is troublesome – you have to be cautious when applying and removing make-up as well as stay away from swimming pools.

3. Harsh make-up removal.

Rubbing your lashes during make-up removal significantly weakens them and improves fall out. Thus it is extremely important to select make-up removers very carefully. Look for a gentle product rich in nutrients. The best cosmetic will be based on natural oils. They are the source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. What is more, natural oils will take care not only of your eyelashes but also the skin around the eyes.

4. Eye rubbing.

Most of us probably do not even realise that frequent eye rubbing contributes to lash loss. Such mechanical friction of the eye is very invasive and only plucks the lashes along with the bulb. It also harms delicate skin around the eyes and causes the formation of wrinkles.

5. Waterproof mascara.

Using waterproof mascara makes us feel more comfortable in a swimming pool, on the beach or on a rainy day. Also, it can save our looks on extremely tearful, emotional events in our lives. Unfortunately, some women use it on daily basis. It is true that waterproof mascara is more durable than a regular one, but at the same time, it contains a lot more harmful ingredients and only little nutrients. Also, the make-up removal requires stronger products and vigorous rubbing. It significantly weakens lashes and their bulbs.

6. Improper care of the mascara wand.

A large number of women simply forgets or postpones or does not think at all about washing their mascara wand. It is very important to do it at least once a week as it accumulates bacteria, toxins and impurities. Over time, cosmetic and make-up remover remnants might react with mascara, which results in a change in the consistency and properties of mascara. Also, it is often the cause of allergies, irritation, or burning eyelids and eyelash weakening.