Therapy Cool – Contrast therapy for beautiful skin

The market of beautifying treatments is growing year by year. As a consequence, the offer of beauty salons is becoming longer and longer by introducing more innovative procedures the aim of which is to improve look of body skin. One of such innovations is recently presented Therapy Cool method that combines fat-cell-destroying cryolipolysis and complex contrast therapy. What is the phenomenon of Therapy Cool due to? Why is it considered as one of the most bizarre beauty treatments? What effects does the treatment deliver?

Firstly, Therapy Cool is a treatment designed to be performed by beauticians, physiotherapist and doctors. Secondly, this treatment doesn’t have only rejuvenating action but also it can be used to eliminate chronic fatigue. Moreover, it’s used in sports medicine and rehabilitations. Thirdly, Therapy Cool is a modern technology that depends on combining benefits delivered by both sauna and ice-cold bath in one.therapy-cool.jpg

What is Therapy Cool all about?

As mentioned above, Therapy Cool is a combination of cryolipolysis method with contrast therapy. It’s a totally non-invasive procedure which depends on exposing body to alternate action of low and high temperature. Cryolipolysis works in a controlled way by destroying fat cells due to lowering temperature. The good news is that this procedure isn’t harmful for other cells of the organism. What’s more, Therapy Cool is something more than just a regular fat cell freezing as it stands out due to its highly advanced technology of temperature control. The procedure takes advantage of the beneficial features of circulatory system, which is known for its organism-regenerating function. Deliberate body exposition to alternate temperature changes enhances the self-repairing processes of an organism.

What are the effects Therapy Cool delivers?

  1. It destroys fat cells in a selective and non-invasive manner.
  2. It shapes body due to advanced temperature control.
  3. Reduces cellulitis and counteracts its reappearance.
  4. Reduces fat tissue also in face skin area.
  5. Improves collagen production that vanishes with age.
  6. Reduces visibility of wrinkles, smooths skin and turns back signs of ageing.
  7. Stimulates metabolism and burning fat tissue.
  8. Reduces swellings and regenerates whole body cells.

How does Therapy Cool treatment look like?

The treatment begins with delicate massage and ends with application of an oil to the places that are supposed to be slimmed down. Next, a cryolio applicator is put on the body (a grey unguent). After that the whole body is wrapped with an elastic, adjusted to the body stripes, where a net of Therapy Cool tubes containing a special liquid is installed. Despite looking fairly specific, the treatment isn’t painful. Moreover, negative pressure isn’t used for the procedure, therefore the treatment itself is comfortable. Once the body is wrapped with the stripes, the liquid floating inside the tubes is warmed up and cooled down alternatively in order to expose body to rapid temperature changes. This kind of contrast therapy delivers effect of deep relaxation which changes into intensive regeneration and stimulation of the whole body.

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