You need to know this about Retinol

Retinol has been used in the beauty industry for years. Many people cannot imagine their skincare without it, others despise it because they believe that retinol photosensitizing, causes stains and hyperpigmentations or can even trigger irritations. Is that all true? How to use retinol so that the treatment is successful?

Understanding how retinol works, is understanding what it actually is.

Retinol is not your average occlusive substance or emollient; vitamin A in its pure version can do serious changes to the skin. Obviously, in the positive aspect. The thing is that it has not yet been dethroned as a rejuvenating substance – in other words: nothing works better and is more careful for the mature skin than vitamin A. That is why we love retinol so much. How does it work for the skin?

Its action has two stages:

1. First till around 2 weeks. After you use retinol (sometimes it occurs already after 1-2 uses) epidermis exfoliates. The external layer of the skin peels and flakes to show the new skin underneath. At the same time, the number of damaged cells decreases for new ones to take their place.

Obviously, at this stage of changes, the skin can be hyperactive, slightly red, and sensitive. It is normal if you feel prickling or itching. It all happens so that skin can normalize its structure.

2. Regular use of the retinol brings skin only benefits. Retinol works on the surface but also affects the deeper skin layers. It also affects other substances to preserve a youthful and beautiful appearance: stimulates collagen synthesis and increases the hyaluronic acid level in the skin.

The second stage is the moment of the intense epidermis strengthening, however, its effects are often visible only after a few months from starting the treatment with retinol. That is why so many people get discouraged and give up the treatment after a few weeks not knowing that vitamin A needs time to change your appearance.

Facts about retinol that you need to know:

When should you start treatment with retinol?

Due to the fact that skin may have a reactive reaction (it all depends on the type) – it is best to use retinol in the fall season when sun rays are weaker. You can then be certain that skin will not change the color and there will be no irritations due to sun exposure. During the day use UV filter cream.

How long should you use retinol?

A lot depends on what concentration and form of retinol you are using. The treatment often requires to stop the use of vitamin A after six months (it is usually 6 months), and then after some time, you can start the treatment again. Another option requires retinol to be used all year but it works better for oily and acne skin.

The use of retinol – remember this:

You need to use retinol overnight and apply it every other day. Only after 2 weeks of use, you can increase the amount and how often you apply this cosmetic. For very sensitive skin, retinol can be used only 1-2 times a week.

When using cosmetics with retinol the key element is moisturizing because retinol stimulates exfoliation. When the new skin is exposed, it is important that it will not suffer dryness. For this reason, you should equip yourself with a good moisturizing cream. You can include gentle and highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid that goes perfectly with vitamin A.

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