Argan oil. Homemade cream recipe.

What’s the point in making our own creams since all cosmetic shops already offer a wide range of such products? These are destined for particular skin type, adjusted to age ranges, and composed of various ingredients. That’s obvious. On the other hand, a cream bought in a pharmacy will never match our complexion in 100%. Besides, homemade creams have a few unique assets over the already-made products. Namely, when using creams that were made at home, we’re always sure what is applied to our face, we are positive that such product doesn’t contain any hazardous ingredients, that the product is fresh and of the highest quality.

Here is a simple and easy-to-follow recipe for homemade cream with argan oil. But why the argan oil in particular? Moroccan Liquid Gold is one of the most luxurious plant oils of rich composition and multidimensional action – it moistures, nourishes, regenerates, facilitates rebuilding processes, enhances elasticity, works rejuvenating, smooths, softens, highlights and relieves inflammations. In other words, argan oil is one of the best oils that skin can be pampered with.

What do you need to make your own argan cream?

  1. Water fraction: pure water, hydrolate (i.e. rose), glycerine (eco)
  2. Oil fraction: argan oil, sweet almond oil, and other accordingly to one’s taste
  3. Emulsifier: beeswax or other eco-emulsifier/bio-base
  4. Additives (at will): hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, lanoline, plant extracts, etc.

Tools: a bowl, a set of containers, scales, a blender

The most important at choosing the ingredients for homemade cream with argan oil is matching them with our skin needs. Not each skin type tolerates all products that it is in contact with. The key ingredient is obviously argan oil, then we also need at least one emulsifier and one ingredient belonging to the water fraction.

Proportions required for 250 ml of cream:

  • water fraction: 125 ml of water and a half of a teaspoon of glycerine,
  • oil fraction: 90 g of argan oil (as the base) and approximately 4 tablespoons of other fats,
  • emulsifier: 15 g of beeswax.

Making your own cream with argan oil isn’t complicated. Firstly, take a bowl and mix water with glycerine. Take another container to mix all oil substances with beeswax (it’s advised to do it very carefully over water steam; the heat facilitates mixing). Once the oils are melted and combined, cool them down by putting a bowl into cold water. All the ingredients must be of identical room temperature. Next, blend semi-liquid wax together with the remaining oils and add water (in small portions). You’ll notice the cream becoming lighter and puffy. The last step, put some additives and continue mixing for a little bit longer until a smooth, even, white, argan cream obtained.

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