Crib on your nails? Manicure that suits your school dress code!

School year is on for good. Obviously, all the schoolgirls want to look beautiful. Therefore, they devote several minutes in the morning to apply and then wear the perfect make-up every single day. Sadly, not all teachers are for the idea of female students resembling models or celebrities because of the heavy make-up they have. So, if you aren’t allowed to wear the clothes you really want, maybe you can compensate yourself for that with the manicure that your school dress code hasn’t forbidden yet (but it should!). Check, how to outfox the teachers! Give yourself a manicure with cribs!crib-on-your-nails

Begin with filing your nails using either an emery board or a glass nail file. Then, proceed with pushing the cuticles thanks to the wooden item and polish the nail plates. Remember though, length of your nails shouldn’t cramp your style on P.E. classes. What’s more, bear in mind that teachers can’t be attracted to your manicure. So what should be done next? Coat your nails with a varnish of a light shade (white, grey, cream or nude). Wait more or less an hour to be totally sure that the varnish is completely dry. Only when the coat on your nails is solid, attach the crib. How to do it?

Do your best to make the letters visible so as to make it easy to read the text at the exam. After all, cribbing must be quick and dexterous. Print out the content of the crib (important quotations form literature or math formulas). Adjust the font to the size and shape of your nail plates. Next, cut this printed-out crib into small pieces. Now, take a tiny glass and fill it with alcohol, for example the salicylic acid (cosmetic). Drown one of your fingers into the alcohol and leave it there for 15 minutes. Then, attach a fragment of the printed-out text to the finger nail.

Leave the piece of the paper stuck to your nail plate for 15 seconds and take it off afterwards. By this time, the text should miraculously move from the paper onto your nails. In other words, it is supposed to be imprinted onto the nail varnish. Repeat the procedure until all of your nails are decorated. After that, coat your new pattern with a transparent varnish, which is to fix the manicure, gift nails with gloss and protect the crib against damages. Obviously, attach the text in such a way so you can read it without any difficulties. However, be careful so none of the teachers can see your nails. You can show off with the manicure only in front of your classmates.

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