Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. Is a cream oil a good solution?

Oils usually come in the form of crystalline and golden liquid. Dove has decided to do it differently than the rest of the brands and release the power of oils in a creamy consistency of Pure Care Dry Oil conditioner. Is it a good idea?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts and following the steps of hair care really carefully, our hair becomes dull and dehydrated. At the moment, the best solution to such problem is hair oil treatment, however, it must be stated, that oils do not work equally well on various hair types. Every time the hair is in need of a traditional conditioner instead of an oil, serum Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil will be your go-to product.

Intended for: dry and dull hair

The conditioner is amber in colour and has a sensual scent that coats the hair during the treatment and stays throughout the day. The creamy formula, unusual for oils, is easy to apply and easy to rinse, even though it is rather thick.

How does Dove Pure Care Dry Oil work?

It is a very interesting solution for daily hair care. Its composition has been enriched with Keratin Repair Actives technology which (as the name indicates) is designed to strengthen and regenerate hair inner structures. The use of this product is a good method for:

– nourishing and moisturising dry hair,

– restoring softness and shine,

– silky smooth and glossy hair,

– easier combing and styling,

– protection against splitting ends.

The formula has been created especially for dull and dry hair thus it penetrates it deeply. Also, it ensures proper nourishment, replenishes lipid loss thanks to which, the hair becomes 5x more silky smooth and glossy. However, you must remember that Dove Pure Care Dry Oil works best when used with the shampoo of the same series.

How to use Pure Care Dry Oil conditioner?

1. Apply the product to washed and wet hair from its mid-length downwards.

2. Leave it in for a few minutes to allow absorbing the nutrients.

3. Rinse thoroughly and leave it to air-dry.