Lipstick Teeth Whitening Method. Does it really work?

lipstick-teeth-whitening.jpgIt sounds irrational but this trick really works. Proper picking of colour cosmetics might effectively rectify colour of teeth. Is it really true? How does it work? Let be introduced to the irreplaceable idea of optical teeth whitening.

Flawless white of teeth is an element that makes our face look younger than it really is. What’s more, white smile is a beautiful aspect that goes with any possible hairdo or stylisation, therefore it’s worth taking good care of teeth. Indeed, there are several methods of making teeth lighter, and these include chemical techniques and this weird-sounding teeth-brushing with a black paste containing coal. Obviously, not every method is 100% effective, which is why, it is advisable to give a go to other techniques available.

What is this Lipstick Teeth Whitening Method all about?

Lipstick Teeth Whitening Method is a way for optical rectification of teeth colour by applying an appropriate lip cosmetic.

Naturally, you shouldn’t take this technique too literally. This trick isn’t about covering teeth with a lipstick because it’ll only make the matter worse. No lipstick applied directly to teeth will help you make them whiter. Don’t do this! Instead of desired effect, you can get this bad-looking discolorations. Regardless of the colour, type and amount of lipstick DON’T APPLY IT ON YOUR TEETH!

How to use lipstick to get whither teeth?

The whole trick’s about selecting and matching tones as well as contrasts between teeth and a lipstick colour. The rules of this trick are similar to face contouring. Lipstick Teeth Whitening Method doesn’t introduce any important changes but delivers only optical effect. It isn’t a surprise that some colours emphasize our beauty whereas the other simply don’t suit us.

The rule is simple:

Lipsticks of cool tone make teeth whiter whereas lipsticks of warm tones emphasize this yellowish colour we want to get rid of.


Stating that red and dark lipsticks make our teeth even more yellow isn’t always true. It all depends on the tone a lipstick has. To clarify, if a lipstick has a little bit of blue pigment, and when the shade of red is cool, then such a cosmetic will work in our favour. Again, it’s the tone that makes some lipsticks suitable for us, not the shade.

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