How to do it? Skin and hair care in winter

Skin and hair care in summer and winter looks completely different. You must replace some products with richer and deeply moisturising ones. Keep in mind that face skin protection is the most important on windy and frosty days. Check which cosmetics to use in order to enjoy healthy and beautiful

First of all: creamy cosmetics

Use such formulas especially when your skin is dry and strongly peels off. Besides, creamy products are ideal for winter time. They protect your complexion against harsh wind, minus temperature as well as free radicals and sunlight that glances off the snow. In skin care, go for products which contain urea, hyaluronic acid or cosmetic oils. Do you know that applying greasy creams and other thick products is very important? If you do it properly, your skin will receive a huge dose of nutrients whereas your make-up will look perfect.

Second of all, under-eye skin protection

Under-eye skin is thin and very delicate. That is why, it requires special care. Remember to apply moisturising and soothing creams in the morning and in the evening. Vaseline and fish oil ointment will also come in useful. You create a protective layer by applying so many products to the skin around they eyes. If you haven’t got a moisturising eye cream, use a lip balm. The skin on the lips is also delicate and needs special care. When the product is absorbed, apply a concealer and foundation, and powder. While applying the make-up, make sure that coloured cosmetics don’t settle in the outer corners of the eyes and wrinkles.

Thirdly, protect your hair

Low temperatures are harmful to hair and scalp as well. What is more, hair gets frizzy and static more often. If you want to deal with such beauty problems and provide hair with complex care, use cosmetic oils and leave-in conditioners. They moisturise and smooth. Moreover, they will make the scalp deeply nourished whereas brushing and blow-drying will become very pleasurable things. Oils and conditioners are available at drug stores, healthy food stores and online; even supermarkets sell them.

Fourthly, gloves and hand lotion

Cold wind and minus temperatures cause irritation of the hand skin very quickly. Cracked skin, small wounds and redness appear, the skin peels, itches and hurts. How to deal with it? Before going out, apply a greasy hand lotion and put on gloves. Urea, glycerol and vitamin A will be very helpful. Remember to condition nails and cuticles. Use strengthening masks with keratin.

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