Hand skin care: methods ideal for you

Rough, dry, irritated and red. This is what your hands are going to look like if you don’t take care of them in a proper way. Learn how to condition hand skin and nails. Read the text to find out how to protect hands from frost and wind.

If your hands are dry, irritated and red, it means that you haven’t provided them with proper care. You have probably been exposing your hands to the action of minus temperature, frost and wind. Also detergents (in contact with the skin) cause such damage. How to deal with it? Use products with moisturising and soothing ingredients. Creams with panthenol, allantoin, glycerol, oils and vitamins will be effective. These substances support the restoration of natural lipid layer of the skin, protect against weather conditions and damaging substances. Use moisturising lotions several times a day, always before cleaning and strolling on a winter day. Remember about the gloves!hand-skin-care

Cracked skin and small sore wounds?

These are the symptoms of frostbite and lack of proper skin care. Heal the epidermis before applying a lotion to hands. Use an ointment with antibiotic and a sticking plaster. Don’t use products with detergents until you heal the wounds. Be careful even when you slice a lemon – the juice may irritate damaged skin and cause smarting. How to take care of hands? Use cosmetic butters or oils. Paraffin wax treatment may also prove to be helpful. If the skin of your hands is very damaged and dry, see the dermatologist. Cracked skin may be the signs of eczema, psoriasis or other serious dermatological conditions.

Dry skin is also a sign of ageing

Hands give our age away more quickly than neck and neckline. Discolouration and wrinkles appear on the skin with the passage of time. Obviously, we are unable to stop this process. Luckily, we can slow it down a bit and soothe its symptoms. Remember that smooth and beautiful hands are moisturised hands. Therefore, use moisturising lotions and products with sunscreen every day. Deeply moisturising scrub and mask will bring good results.

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