Never do this to your nails! Most common mistakes when doing manicure

beauty.jpgIs there anyone who does not like to paint their nails? Colours, patterns, stickers. There are many ways to decorate your nails and hands at the same time. If you are a fan of manicure, learn how to properly take care of your cuticles, how to use nail polishes and how to file. 

Mistake number one: no degreasing of nail plate

Try to think what would happen if the painter put paint on crude and unprimed wall? The end result would not be satisfactory and the room would not look they way you desired. The same is with nail painting. If you do not degrease your nail plates, manicure will simply be ruined. That is why every beautician cleanses nails from the remnants of paint, sebum, microscopic pollen and dust. For this purpose they use special liquid. However, you can use ordinary nail polish remover. You will definitely succeed.

Mistake number two: incorrectly filed nails

Every beautician will tell you that the best the nail file is made of glass. Of course, durable material is not enough to make your nails look beautiful. It is very important how you use the tool. If you want to have healthy and strong nail plates, you ought to file them in one direction. This will avoid breaking, splitting and brittling. Make sure to move the nail file from the external parts of the nail to the inside.

Mistake number three: neglected cuticles

Dry, rough cuticles. This is not how they should look. Remember that a nice, professional manicure is not only a fancy nail polish. The cuticles are the key to a beautiful final result and the appearance of your fingers and hands. How to beautify them? The best solution is to do it as if you were a professional. With the use of a wooden stick (roundly shaped) push the cuticles back. Never cut them – it could cause irritation or infection. What is more, remember to moisturise your hand and nails regularly.

Mistake number four: unpolished nails

What to polish your nail plate for? Thanks to this trick you will get rid of uneven surface and provide your nails with beautiful shine. What is more, applying nail polish will be much easier and pleasant. What kind of polisher should you use? Choose the one with a delicate surface. You might try out a polisher in the shape of a cube or bar with various granularity.

Mistake number five: manicure without base coat

Do you know what this means? Dark colours of nail polishes have the tendency to stain the nail plate. What is more, a manicure done without the use of a base coat will not be durable. As you can see, applying clear base coat is necessary. This product will not only protect nails from staining but also from damages. What is also important, it preserves beautiful manicure and prevents chipping and brittling.

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