Retix C – exfoliating and rejuvenating the epidermis

skin-care.jpgYou struggle with discoloured face skin? You cannot get rid of imperfections effectively? Enlarged pores are your biggest nightmare? If you face such problems on a daily basis, you can try Retix C- an innovative skin rejuvenating treatment. Say goodbye to crow’s feet, sagging skin and unaesthetic blackheads.

Xylogic Retix C is based on Acticell 40%. It may seem mysterious and incomprehensible for most women. To put it simply, it is a very effective complex of ingredients that are necessary to fight with skin ageing. What are the components?

4% of retinol, or vitamin A:

  • controls processes of cellular restoration in the skin,
  • lightens up discolouration,
  • removes calloused epidermis.

8% of vitamin C:

  • detoxifies even deep skin layers,
  • adds healthy shine,
  • protects collagen and elastin fibres.

30% of antioxidants:

  • create an effective protective barrier for the skin,
  • tighten and smooth sagging skin,
  • protect from UV radiation.

What does it mean in practice? Thanks to the combination of the most beneficial (to our skin) ingredients, Retix C is a complex rejuvenating treatment. It allows to rebuild collagen fibres and improve skin firmness. What is more, it decreases the amount of dead skin cells and stimulates cellular restoration of tissues.

What does the treatment look like?

At first, the skin is thoroughly cleansed. It is important that the product can easily penetrate inside the skin. Then, the beautician applies an active serum to a chosen portion of the skin and massages it in. The treatment takes up an hour but active substances may be absorbed within eight hours after the procedure. In spite of a mysterious name and specialised substances, Retix C treatment isn’t complicated. It is a painless and even quite pleasurable rejuvenating treatment.

What are the effects?

First effects appear after a few days. Retix C rejuvenates the skin, adds shine and lightens up discolouration and spots. It smooths wrinkles and stretch marks whereas the skin is more elastic as well as clean and deeply moisturised. Retix C strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin.

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