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Well cared hands, nurtured cuticles and an elegant manicure. Check out what to do, to enjoy all those features. You must know that hands are the first thing that people pay attention to when they see you. Learn how to protect the skin from detergents and over-drying substances. 

Dry cuticles around your nails can be a symptom of unsuitable hand care or dermatological diseases. Improperly done manicure, cutting cuticles or biting your nails are the cause of an unaesthetic appearance of hands. Cuticles tend to dry even when you expose your hands to harmful external factors (cold wind, low or high temperatures) and some substances (such as detergents contained in products used for cleaning). Dry cuticles can also indicate atopic dermatitis, eczema or deficiency of vitamin E, A and B. nail-cuticles

How to care for nail cuticles? There are many easy ways to do it. First of all, include in your diet vegetables and fruit rich in vitamins od products with the content of fatty acids. Remember to use proper cosmetics with moisturising properties. Before going to sleep or going out, apply to your hands a cream of rich formula. Additionally, protect hands during houseworks. Latex gloves are not enough; you must remember about a moisturiser. In winter, always wear gloves, whereas in summer, always apply nourishing preparations. Moreover, do your manicure every two weeks. Do not cut your cuticles, only push them back with a wooden stick. Do not forget to use a scrub and a regenerating mask afterwards, at least twice a week. If you want to improve the effects of your treatment, you can put on cotton gloves or wrap your hands in cling film.

How do do a perfect manicure when your cuticles do not look good? Once a week, soak your hands  in a lukewarm water for about 10 minutes. Next, apply a cuticle remover or a cosmetic with strong lubricating properties. After about two minutes push back your cuticles with the wooden tool. File and buff and polish any cuticles thet remain on the nail plate. Using a glass file, create your favourite shape of nails. You can use strengthening conditioner or olive oil. After you prep your nails like this, you can do your manicure. Apply two layers of the colour of your preference and a layer of a hardening top coat. Additionally, you can perform oiling treatment once a week. Simply warm up sunflower oil and soak your nails in it for bout 15 minutes. What will be the effect? Strong, shiny and smooth nails with beautiful cuticles.

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